as a spiritual formation organization, ANTLER is pioneering a space for creative practices of writing to be an integral part of sacred life, worship implementation, and growth in religious communities. we do this directly with communal workshops, retreat weekends, and consultations.

to help your community grow, dave harrity—founder and director of ANTLER—offers on-site workshops and private consultation. workshop/consultation content varies based on group or individual, but some popular themes include general poetry practice, psalm writing, lament and longing, ministry and contemporary poet-prophets (crafted specifically for those in and entering ministerial practice), peace-making and contemplative living, and enduring histories (creating written, reflective records for churches). we’d love to come cultivate faith and imagination at your church, community center, seminary, college, retreat center, small group, book club, or classroom.

to see a detailed list of workshops and to discuss pricing, send dave an email.


here’s what some folks are saying…

“Hosting an Antler workshop inspired multiple kinds of creativity in my congregation. We came expecting to write, but left seeing our whole neighborhood through a different lens. Dave helped us learn to see, in the words of William Stafford, ‘the way everything in the world is waiting.’ This workshop improved my writing, but more importantly, it enabled me to see the potential for transfiguration in the context of my ministry.” —Chris Brown, The Upper Room

Dave Harrity is an engaging and hard-working instructor. His natural propensity toward seeking and peace-making is an offering to the people and groups he teaches. Students at our seminary learned practical skills for maintaining ministerial longevity, bearing witness to their faith communities, and the importance of daily creative writing practice. He gave us a much to think about and act upon. –J.D. Walt, former chaplain at Asbury Theological Seminary

“Dave Harrity is a gem of a teacher. He’s smart, funny, patient, and organized. We’ve hired him to teach many times at the Carnegie Center, and his evaluations are among our best. Don’t miss this guy!” –Neil Chethik, Carnegie Center for Literacy and Learning


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