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books & culture review of MAKING MANIFEST

8th November

yesterday, CT’s site ran a fine review of MAKING MANIFEST, which was released digitally this week in a revised edition. check out the review here and tell everyone you know about it!


san francisco workshop!

10th September

in SAN FRANCISCO? know someone who is?

come spend the weekend writing, making friends, and seeing things differently!

tell everyone you know!


sacramento workshop!

5th September

near SACRAMENTO on september 19 & 20? come out and join the party!

making manifest interviews

12th August

in these interviews, dave harrity fleshes out his vision for his book “making manifest: on faith, creativity, and the kingdom at hand”

making manifest interviews (parts 1 + 2 + 3)

making manifest round-up #3

14th July

in case you’ve missed the buzz, here’s just a few things being said about “making manifest: on faith, creativity, and the kingdom at hand” (if you haven’t gotten your copy yet, order it today!)



super positive endorsement from englewood review of books!



posts by bloggers… (and what’s lovely about these posts are that both “writer” and “non-writer” types are using the book!)

kerri baysinger

renee emerson

johnny douglas

kathleen kruger



interviews with harrity…

w/ messiah community and michael lorin (an episcopalian revisiting evangelical roots… ;-) )




creativity and peacemaking: poetry drone

25th June

i believe this world is a complicated place, that i’m nearly void of answers, and that—as thomas merton says in his famous prayer— “i have no idea where i am going.” (that prayer embodies most every day of my life…). as such, i tend not to speak publicly about issues of which i’m passionate—i’m never quite sure of my motivation, correctness, or even how i might feel about it later. rather than risk embarrassment, i say nothing. or—almost always—say it discretely in my daily writing. writing which no one sees but me. but here, i’d like to take a little stand for something i think has provocative implications for christian creatives. and—as i love such things—it demonstrates the world’s complexity. this project speaks to my deeply held beliefs about creating: the opposite of making art is doing violence.* or, to say it … Read More »

making manifest round-up #2

14th June

in case you’ve missed the buzz, here’s just a few things being said about “making manifest: on faith, creativity, and the kingdom at hand”…


posts by bloggers…

super positive endorsement from englewood review of books!

jeremy statton at ‘living better stories’

matt appling at ‘the church of no people’





interviews with harrity…

spiritual book club





posts by harrity…

ruminate magazine

making manifest round-up #1

10th May

in case you’ve missed the buzz, here’s just a few things being said about “making manifest: on faith, creativity, and the kingdom at hand”…


posts by bloggers…

teddy ray

glynn young’s ‘faith, fiction, and friends’

addie zierman’s ‘how to talk evangelical’



interviews with harrity…

sojourn arts + culture

rock & sling



posts by harrity…

five rules for believing writers at forma



the next big thing self-interview ;-)

9th February

matthew lippman asked me to participate in in this self-interview project. if you have a book of poetry coming out in the next year or so and want me to tag you, please contact. i need five poets. it’s like a chain letter poetry explosion. here’s what it looks like… – dave



What is the working title of the book?


my next book is called “making manifest: faith, creativity, and the kingdom at hand”


Where did the idea come from for the book?


i was teaching seminarians creative/contemplative writing to help them cultivate imagination and sustain ministry—i thought, ‘hey, i should turn this material into an instruction manual of sorts’


What genre does your book fall under?


contemplative/meditative non-fiction spiritual writing? it’s kinda a strange hybrid of genres.


What actors would you choose to play the part of your characters in a movie rendition?


this would make a … Read More »

coming to poetry

17th January

{ in this piece, antler founder and director dave harrity reflects on coming to poetry. this piece, run by tweetspeak last year, is being reposted here to honor williams stafford‘s birthday today. the piece will also be included in harrity’s forthcoming book, “making manifest” }

I began reading poetry because I could never finish novels. I’m not sure this is how many people come to poetry, but it was my route. In high school, I only read a handful of the assigned novels (a mistake I deeply regret now as an adult!) but I read every single poem. When I got to the end of a poem I felt like I had accomplished some- thing, been invited into something—I felt like I’d been given a key.

I liked poetry at that point in my life, but I didn’t love it.

I began writing … Read More »

resources for faithful practitioners of creativity and creative practitioners of faith...

breaking through, w/ mark liebenow

The Spirituality of the Wilderness: Do We Need to Pray in Nature, or Are We Already Praying?

The first snow of the season...

interview: amber nelson

{ in this interview, poet amber nelson brings the heat discussing vision, revision, and attentiveness }

when you picture someone reading your poetry, how do...

interview: michael martin

{ in this interview, poet michael martin discusses approaches to creating poems. }

when you picture someone reading your poetry, how do you see them?...

interview: sheldon lee compton

{ in this interview, sheldon lee compton ruminates on fiction, revision, and writing as a life discipline }

when you picture someone reading your fiction,...

interview: karen swallow prior

{ in this interview, karen swallow prior discuss her process and the challenges of writing toward truth }

you’re primarily known as—I think—a lover and...

interview: david wright

{ in this interview, poet david wright discusses craft, inspiration, and revision }

when you picture someone reading your poetry, how do you see them?...

“walking with kindness” by mark liebenow

What is required of us is to do justice, love kindness,

 and walk humbly with our God. Micah 6:8


I imagine Micah...

“a made thing” by heather caliri

For a long time, I simply felt helpless.

My youth pastor in high school was spiritually abusive to many of us, and he sexually abused...

“the devil you know: rough drafts” by elizabeth jarrett andrew

Poor revision, unfairly maligned due to a quirk of human nature! We beasts prefer prowling on familiar territory, rooting up the same soil with...

interview: aaron belz

{an interview with poet and essayist aaron belz, who recently released his third collection of poetry, GLITTER BOMB}

when you picture someone reading your poetry,...

a worker’s prayer: van gogh on sight

When it’s warm outside and the food processing plant doesn’t smell, I sit on the call center steps and drink tea in the sun....

interview: shane mccrae

{an interview with poet shane mccrae, whose newest collection, FORGIVENESS FORGIVENESS, will be published by factory hollow press next month. pre-order it here}

when you picture...

creative luxury: beyond maslow

A few months ago my husband, our two kids, and I returned from seven years in China, where we served with Food for the...

a collaboration of grace and work

In his extended essay Living the Sabbath, philosopher Norman Wirzba writes, “Though God’s resurrection power has been unleashed in the person of Jesus Christ, we...

interview: renee emerson

{an interview with pushcart prize-nominated poet renee emerson, whose first book, KEEPING ME STILL, is now available for purchase}

when you picture someone reading your poetry,...