sarah choate


rising action:
on becoming an artist

there is a moment in every good story when the protagonist reaches a point of no return: the climax. this scene is full of action and intrigue—it’s the part of the story that leaves you tearing through the pages, insatiably. that part of the story hasn’t come for sarah quite yet. as a college student, she’s just starting out on her journey into adulthood, into becoming an author and artist, into becoming who she will become. her blog chronicles that journey of experience, learning, and growth as she traverses the boundaries of art and faith, the rising action of her life story.

sarah choate is currently a student of journalism and creative writing at asbury university in wilmore, kentucky. she has moved around quite a bit in her life, but louisville, kentucky is where she calls home. sarah is transitioning into adulthood and she’s learning what it means to be both a christian and a writer in this beautiful and strange world. she hopes to spend her life traveling—potentially as a missionary—and writing in any capacity. she doesn’t know what god has in store for her yet, but she’s eagerly along for the ride.

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