rod dixon

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the loosened tongue:
notes on contemporary witness

not for the faint at heart, rod dixon’s blog explores politics, witness, prophecy, and ministry with the hope of haranguing us toward awakening and realizing the potential of creative language’s possibility to radically change the hearts and minds of seekers, believers, poets, and priests.

rod dixon is a member of the religious society of friends (quaker), though he often gets mistaken for an old order mennonite. his short-stories have appeared in several journals, most recently red rock review, euphony, and edge. for fun he is the non-fiction editor of ontologica: a journal of art and thought. for money, he researches and develops manufacturing procedures for a non-profit serving the blind and visually impaired.  he lives in kentucky with his wife and two children. his next book “lucky dick: stories” will be released by ANTLER in 2014.

read more of rod’s work from ANTLER here.


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