grace farag


where i find myself:
meditations along the fault lines

every place has a voice that resonates in the hearts of its native sons and daughters. california’s is a siren song of travel and transience, rootlessness and longing, hopes and dreams. broken in a million different ways, california is unstable, schizophrenic, and beautiful—and in grace’s blog, it’s the fault line-riddled prism for her ongoing explorations of faith, identity, poetry, and place. here’s to the journey…

grace farag is a native californian and writer whose work has appeared in various places, including san marino patch (where she has contributed articles on, among many other things, the art of john frame and a museum exhibit about novelist/poet charles bukowski), a devotional prayer book on gender injustice issues, the online journal ontologica and offerings: a creative anthology. she lives in los angeles.

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