making manifest round-up #1

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making manifest round-up #1

in case you’ve missed the buzz, here’s just a few things being said about “making manifest: on faith, creativity, and the kingdom at hand”


posts by bloggers…

teddy ray

glynn young’s ‘faith, fiction, and friends’

addie zierman’s ‘how to talk evangelical’



interviews with harrity…

sojourn arts + culture

rock & sling



posts by harrity…

five rules for believing writers at forma



3 Responses to “making manifest round-up #1”

  1. Sarah K says:

    Oh dear! I heard about Making Manifest on this blog and thought it was a good idea. Then I read about Addie’s experience with it over on her blog and now I’m fairly desperate to get it! Is there any way it’ll be made available digitally at some point? (Or is already available that way and I’m just missing it?)
    I live in Asia and the shipping costs are fairly prohibitive…

  2. J Ted Voigt says:

    hear hear from the Republic of Ireland, where shipping costs more than the book. Any eBook plans?

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